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A web-based app that empowers students to curate a personalized digital portfolio as they document and develop key skills with micro-credentials


FabFolio is an app that provides an effective feedback tool for students and teachers to use collaboratively as students work to acquire micro-credentials in technical areas like 3D printing and physical computing while also documenting their development of key essential skills like creativity and communication. FabFolio integrates directly with the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMSs) like Canvas, Google Classroom, and Blackboard. It also uses common single-sign-on systems like ClassLink to streamline how students and teachers engage with the app. 

Automated Micro-credentials

FabFolio offers a structured pathway for students to acquire 200+ micro-credentials, organized into 10 technical domains and 6 essential skill domains. With unlimited access to upload evidence during project development, students can showcase their progress. Each micro-credential provides up to 10 "look-for" criteria to make it easy for teachers to evaluate student submissions and progress towards earning the credentials. The technical micro-credentials map to the pillars of digital fabrication and align with high-demand industry certifications like AutoDesk Fusion 360 Certified User and CIW Javascript Specialist.


Student Portfolios

FabFolio offers a simple interface for students to document their work as they engage in projects in the classroom, makerspaces, or FabLabs. With each submission, students gain access to tools to manage their digital portfolio, which can be easily shared via a public link with potential employers, teachers, or other students. Streamline your portfolio management process with FabFolio's user-friendly platform.

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